Taste of Istanbul

Packagin Design concept „A taste of Istanbul“

It´s a set of 8 different flavours with a taste of…

» Karanlık kızartma kahve – dark roast coffee
» Orta kızartma kahve – medium roast coffee
» Hafif kızartma kahve – light roast coffee
» Salep – salep powder

» Çay – rize tea
» Elma çay – apple tea
» Kusburnu çay – rosehip tea
» Ihlamur çay – lindenflower tea

Every flavour has it´s own letter. It starts with the I and ends with the L. So if you collect all 8 boxes, you will have the complete I.S.T.A.N.B.U.L. collection and get an idea of how this city tastes like. It´s made for giving away, and it´s made for keeping as the containers can be reused and refilled. The colors are derived from the colors I saw on rooftops or in the streets. The pattern is inspired from the Ottoman Empire, transformed into our modern times.