Having a nomadic lifestyle can be fun and exciting. Seeing different places, diving into different cultures and meeting new people. But sometimes it would be nice to have your own furniture at the place where you live, to make it more familiar and comfortable. Norman is the first product of a nomadic furniture series, that is made to come with you, wherever you go.

It´s a lasercut lamp made out of plywood and it comes as an lightweight and easy to carry flat-pack.

It consists of 18 wooden pieces and depending on your mood and preferences, you can assemble it into three different variations. Straight with or without handle or angular.



The word Norman derives from “nomadic”, but to give it a more personal character it was transformed into a real name. As if Norman is your friend who comes with you wherever you go. The R is reversed, also a hint to the no(r)madic word. The typeface is strait and clear, just as the lamp is and the outlines should represent the lasercutting technique. The m consists of to part, where the upper part could be seen as abstract bird who flies away…

Oh Norman, come with me!