„Some call it chaos, we call it home“

Spending some months in Istanbul made me realize that it´s hard to describe this city in just in a few sentences. For me it´s probably the place with the most extremes. It takes your breath away when you sit on a ferry crossing the bosporus, with a golden light shining on the pittoresque buildings of the old town in Sultanahmed.
It makes you wanna jump and scream when you sit in the Dolmuş during rush hour and it just feels as if this ride will take forever as you don´t get a move on.
It can suck all your energy within a second, but fill you up and lift you high within the next breath.

I instantly fell in love with this city, and it´s vibe. I took those pictures during my stay in 2016 and it´s about the cats, the Çay, the birds and seagulls, the streets, the people, the Bosporus of course. And so much more…