AHT Freezer Concept

Freezer Concept for AHT Cooling Systems GmbH

Supermarkets and discounters have to react on society and legal changes and are therefore forced to develop other freezers for sale use. The company AHT has commissioned us to gather new ideas and concepts for these devices. Our first steps were made in a field research with observing and gathering data, trying to find possible improvements. Combined with looking up future trends and developments in the retail industries, we came up with a new series which is not just outstanding in it´s look, but has major easements for the sales stuff, a focus on a good presentation of goods. With our studies on ergonomics from an early stage, we made sure that every part of the freezer is good acessible and guarantees a barrier-free shopping experience.




4 weeks


Tobias Schnider – Art Direction

Izabella Rudics – Engineering

Barbora Kosova – Product Management

Lydia Zechner – Design